Stefano & Alejandra are directing duo formed by Stefano Caprile and Alejandra Cano. They are known for their quirky and eclectic style. They have a strong art direction and a touch of humor in the live action.
They have worked for brands like Vodafone, La Once Lottery, Mapfre, Schweppes, ING Bank, Apple Pay, Shell, Mahou Beer, Rum Barcelo and El Corte Ingles among others.
Their work has been nominated by One Screen Club, FICE Colombia, Berlin Fashion Film Festival, TAAF, Silver Sound Show Down, Vicious Music Awards, ARS Indepedent Festival, MUVI Montreal and European Media Art Festival.

Stefano & Alejandra
+34 684 104 968  //  +34 651 107 308

Representation (Spain): Lee Films
Representation (Scandinavia, Benelux, UK): Hobby Film
Representation (USA): Cortez Brothers
Representation Priority (Germany): GoodHouse Films
Representation (Switzerland): Dynamic Frame
Representation Priority (Italy): Mercurio Productions
Representation (Middle East, Vietnam, China, Indonesia): Cartello Directors
Representation (East Europe, Russia): DA Agency