Our Vision

Our sustainable building school endeavours to regenerate built environments into inspiring, healthy, affordable and zero carbon buildings

Our Mission

We will actively share our collective knowledge and experience of healthy built environments with all members of our local, national and international communities through efforts in education, research and innovative design and construction.

Our Values

  • Holistic research, planning and design. We apply the widest possible lens to our work to ensure that our efforts result in as many stacked benefits as possible.
  • Innovative curriculum. We support all learners and attempt to create learning opportunities that are meaningful, engaging and appropriate to all participants.
  • Inclusion and empowerment. We believe that design and building should be accessible to all. We prioritize offering equitable opportunities to those who have typically not been welcomed into the construction sector and to building a safe and inclusive atmosphere within Endeavour and in the wider industry.
  • Transparency. We will share our knowledge, understanding and techniques openly and honestly.

Contact Information

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