We have tons of amazing resources to help you design and build your eco friendly house!


Whether you’re a first time home builder or renovator or an experienced professional, figuring out the best green housing ideas can have a steep learning curve.

You can benefit from our experience of working with hundreds of people to help you figure out what an eco friendly house means to you and how you can achieve all of your green goals in your next project.

Our criteria matrix is a simple tool that helps you cut to the chase..


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You may have found that everyone thinks their material or system is the best… so how do you know if it’s right for you? Our free encyclopedia of sustainable building compares every available material and system using consistent criteria and a level playing field. There is no “silver bullet” system that’s the best, but this resource will help you find your best options for building green.

Based on the book Making Better Buildings by Endeavour co-founder Chris Magwood, you will be able to access reliable information on hundreds of materials and systems


Your questions about building an eco friendly house might be the same ones we’ve been asked by a lot of different media outlets. Check out these videos and podcasts to see if what you need to know is already here in an easy-to-digest format.


You can learn a lot from a good green building case study, and we’ve got a lot of case studies for you!

Endeavour made its name by making outstanding buildings and eco friendly homes, and every project we undertake meets the highest performance standards and the highest ecological standards. Along the way, we do a lot of innovating!

You can see highly illustrated, start-to-finish documentation of every project we’ve done.


We work with a lot of new and innovative building materials and products, and we try to report honestly on what we learn in our blog posts.

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